Best Teeth Whitening

You want your smile to radiate through the crowd and show up bright on any photos.  

You want the confidence to show you teeth when you speak, laugh or are smiling from ear to ear.

In this guide we will detail out the best teeth whitening and some things to think about to get that picture-perfect smile!

Teeth Whitening

 Many people, men, and women seek to brighten their smiles for work, relationships, and even the big day!

There are many ways to go about brightening your smile and getting it picture perfect.

We will break down the different options, along with the pros and cons of each.


Let’s get right into it and find the teeth whitening method that works best for you!

Important Considerations

When considering brightening your smile, it is important to figure out your “why” in order to choose the best teeth whitening.

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Are you doing it for long term improvement, for your special day like a wedding or birthday?

This will determine your approach, timing, and any lifestyle changes you would need to make.

Yes I said lifestyle changes.  Foods and drinks, like coffee or soda, stain your teeth and yellow them. If you are going to continue to enjoy these with a straw, avoiding the liquid from touching your teeth.

Timing is certainly important as well.  If you are wanting your brightest smile right before your big day, then you want to plan your whitening process to be at maximum effectiveness.

For example, if going to your dentist’s office for treatment, align the process so it is done about 1 month before the big day.

Also make sure to avoid those foods and drinks that stain your teeth for that 1 month.

The process of whitening your teeth can increase sensitivity while undergoing the process.  So you will want to be mindful of this, especially if you like particularly cold foods (ice cream), ice in your drinks, or hot teas.

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At-Home Methods For Best Teeth Whitening

Deciding to do this process at home is by far the most affordable method.

There are endless options to choose from, and you experiment with what works best for you and set your own schedule.

Generally speaking at home methods fall into 3 categories.

And different over the counter products may offer a treatment plan that combines all three.

It all depends on your comfort level and how quickly you are looking for results.


The cheapest and most available solution is certainly a teeth whitening toothpaste.

These are available over the counter and combine chemical (hydrogen peroxide) with light abrasion to achieve the best teeth whitening.

The abrasive ingredients slightly remove a layer from your teeth, while the hydrogen peroxide whitens the stains chemically.

Requiring regular consistent use, this method takes time and regular application.  Consistency is key.


Strips do away with the abrasive ingredients, focusing only on chemicals to whiten teeth.

Typically peroxide and bleach or a proprietary mixture are formulated into an easy to adhere strip.  With these you place the strip on your teeth and it sticks to them.

After approximately 30 minutes (although follow the instructions on the product your purchase) you remove the strip.

Some people find this method to be the best teeth whitening.

You should see results in as quickly as a week with these products.


Gel Trays

This is the next level in the teeth whitening world.  Using similar compounds as the strips (typically peroxide and bleach combination or proprietary mixture).

This method utilizes a tray that commonly resembles a mouth guard.  Available in basic trays, at home molded trays or professional molded trays done at your dentist.

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Most commonly the gel would be brushed on to the teeth, which allows highly targeting specific teeth if needed, then the tray is placed in the mouth to protect the gel, for 30 minutes up to overnight depending on the product.

The second method is where the gel is placed in the tray, the tray inserted into your mouth and the gel covers the teeth when you bite down.

This is a popular method for its relative ease and quick results it can produce.


Light Treatment Best Teeth Whitening

Light treatment is the high tech when it comes to teeth whitening.

For years dentists have used UV light in their offices to offer a brighter smile.

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This technology is now available at home in a safer method, via LED lights combined with teeth whitening gel.

Studies( are believed to show that LED light activates the peroxide better, leading to whiter teeth!

With these kinds of kits, essentially you will apply the gel to your teeth and use a light-activated tray.

This light activates the peroxide in the gel to work faster and better.

Great brands for this type of application include:



Professionally At A Dentists Office

Getting the procedure done in a dentist’s office uses similar technology is available at home, generally of higher strength.

Advantages are

  • Faster Results
  • Safest process (it’s professionally done)
  • Sensitivity is more controlled, you can request desensitizers to help.

Disadvantages are

  • More expensive than at home alternatives
  • Results are not long-lasting. You still need an at-home method to maintain the progress

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There are certainly many factors to consider when seeking the best teeth whitening

The great news is there is no shortage of options and hope does exist to brighten your smile!

So take the time to understand each product.

Consider the great options proposed in this article and take action, start soon and you will see results!